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Customer Testimonials
Naftoli Neuberger, M.D., New York, USA
"The truly outstanding attribute of your equipment and software is that over all these years we have had no crashes or downtime. I am certain that the ruggedness of both the hardware and software is unique in the computerized electronics field."
Noah Chelliah, M.D., North Dakota, USA
"Over the last two years I have had the pleasure of using your equipment; I have found it to be the most advanced, user friendly, trouble free EKG/Stress testing in the industry."
Victor Bravo, California, USA
"I have placed more than 150 units worldwide. I have found the system to be user friendly for installation and operation. This is extremely critical as the user is oftentimes half way around the world. It has proven to be a rugged and reliable unit with a very stable software. Support needed is minimal."
Elizabeth Graham, Quebec, Canada
"We are pleased with your equipment. The QRS-Card system is most efficient and meets all of our requirements. Also thank you for your patience and excellent support for all the questions I bombarded you with! Your good sense of humour made it so much easier, not to be found in most transactions."
Costas Katsikas, Athens, Greece
"The QRS-Card is the most popular and common product of its kind in our country, because it has won the confidence of the medical world, thanks to its capabilities and reliability."
Hakan Hamzacebi, Istambul, Turkey
"I certainly prefer the QRS-Card instead of the other for the following features: being smallest, more functional, easy applicable, less expensive, high standard accuracy, low maintenance cost, user friendly software, etc."
Alexander Riftine, Ph.D, New Jersey, USA
"Our customers are satisfied with your products for several reasons. Thank you very much for an excellent product. Your ECG devices make our ANS assessment products look highly professional."
Erik Vertenten, MD, Belgium
"What I especially like is the ease of use, in acquision of ECG’s and the handling the reports and data, as well as the portability and the fact that acquired data can be so easily classified and emailed if necessary."
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