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   Stress ECG
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PBI QRS-Card™ Stress PC Digital ECG system performs similar to a traditional stand alone exercise system, but offers increased portability and functionality for your practice. Software is easy to install, use and customize to maximize efficiency with only minimal training. QRSCard™ runs on your Windows® based PC and has the advanced features of EMR software interface, database, full disclosure viewing, real-time remote access and customizing of Stress Protocols. QRS-Card™ Stress System also allows you to conduct resting ECG tests.
ECG reports can be printed during the test, or detailed final reports can be printed after completion of the test. Full disclosure (complete test) ECG data is saved to patient file after completion. PDF reports can be created and e-mailed to others. Stress system can be interfaced with treadmills, ergometers and automatic blood pressure devices and provides selections of advanced digital filters to reduce electrical noise, baseline movement, and muscle noise from the ECG signal giving cleaner signals.

QRS-Card™ Stress PC Digital ECG system used along with QRS-Card™ Cardiology Suite or integrated into your EMR software turns your computer into a complete cardiology workstation.

Add Ambulatory Holter ECG or 24-Hour ABPM for a complete QRS-Card™ Cardiology

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